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Snow and ice car supplies inventory necessary to car full care

Author:   Source:   Update: Dec 06, 2017

Compared to other seasons winter car dealers need to pay attention to want more, the number of winter cold winter driving a lot of security risks, for car owners friends, "trouble" thing really a lot, the corresponding need Carrying the car supplies can not be omitted, then inventory your winter travel essentials.

Winter cold weather, the car in many ways the flexibility of operation compared to other seasons slightly different, so in winter maintenance and essential is indispensable, especially in the case of fog and snow days, need extra Note that we need to bring some of the car at any time supplies, so what specific car owners need to bring it?

Winter car must have one: car

For the winter, the car is essential, on the one hand to prevent the dust snow days, on the other hand we all know that the car in the early morning and early evening will be relatively difficult to start some, then a suitable car for naked Car, wear a suitable jacket to resist the cold, but essential. Tip here you can choose to add a cotton coat better.

Winter car essential goods two: snow removal tools

For the owners like the northeastern region, into the winter after the snow and ice into the world, from time to time floating snowflakes make us feel warm and live more, but also a certain amount of trouble, timely removal of the body surface of the snowflake is Very important, not only consider the surface of the paint damage, while the body parts have a certain impact, then the car equipped with a snow shovel at any time is very important, and without injury under the paint surface, but also easy Get rid of thick snow, for these places, car friends, but indispensable.

Winter travel essential three: anti-fog agent

Winter temperature deviation inside and outside the car, the car is very easy to appear a thin layer of fog, causing some trouble for the owner of the line of sight, then carry the defogging agent is very important, when the car glass appears fog, spray point defense Fog, with a clean cotton on it, very convenient Oh.

Winter travel essential items four: antifreeze

Antifreeze is also very important, into the winter dry and cold weather, the car will be very difficult to start, always bring the antifreeze effective solution to this problem, both for the engine or car performance are very necessary.

Winter car we pay more attention to safety issues, in addition to vehicle supplies fully equipped, the owners also have to develop good habits driving the vehicle, especially in the snow, fog in the case must be careful driving, do not let the details Neglect to leave a hidden danger for safety.
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